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City Airport Taxis offers transfers from nine airports in Egypt to your desired location throughout the country. In our offer, we include meet and greet at the arrivals hall, free updates and free cancellation. We work with English-speaking drivers, so you don’t have to worry about miscommunication.

Egypt is a country located in the northeastern part of Africa and the southwest corner of Asia. The official language is Modern Standard Arabic. It is a pluricentric language that is spoken by 27 states throughout Africa and Asia. The national currency of the country is Egyptian Pound.


Egypt is a popular tourist destination that is known for its many monuments like the famous Giza Pyramids, the temples of Luxor and The Great Sphinx. The country’s public transportation system is well-organized, and it consists of a railway network, 29 specialized ports, metro service, bus service and many taxi companies.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, with a population of over 9 million people. The public transport in the city consists of a rail network, subway system, buses, minibuses and taxi cabs.

Located in the south of Egypt, Aswan is the capital of the Aswan Governorate. It is one of the hottest and driest cities in the world with summer temperatures above 40 degrees celsius. If you are interested in Ancient Egypt, you should visit this city. There are many attractions like the famous Unfinished Obelisk, the Monastery of St. Simeon, and the Tombs of the Nobles.

Marsa Alam is a city in south-eastern Egypt. It is known for its attractions like the Emerald Mines, the Temple of Seti and the Abu Dabab beach. This city is perfect for people who like water activities and adventures like diving and snorkelling.


Other popular cities in Egypt are Alexandria, Dabaa and Taba.

Cairo International Airport is the largest that serves Cairo, and with over 17.5 million passengers per year, it is the busiest in the country. It has four terminals, and all of them offer domestic and international flights. All terminals have facilities that provide banks, currency exchange office, ATMs, restaurants, shops, VIP lounges and luxury hotels.


You can travel to and from the airport with public buses, shuttle buses and airport taxis. We also offer airport transfers to the city centre and nearby locations like Ain El Sokhna and the city of Heliopolis.

The second busiest in the country is Hurghada International Airport. It is popular among tourists, mainly those from Europe. It has two terminals and can host over 6 million passengers a year. The airlines that offer domestic and international flights are Air Cairo, ALK Airlines, Blue Air, Luxair and many others. 

Once you land in Hurghada, you can get to the city centre by minibuses and airport taxis. Our service offers transfers to the centre of Hurghada and also to the cities Al KosseirHamata and Safaga.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is the third-busiest in the country with over 3 million passengers annually. The airport has two terminals that offer VIP areas, duty-free shops and restaurants. 

Getting to and from the city can be made by minibuses and airport taxis that are in front of the first terminal. The travel time to Sharm El Sheikh city centre is about 15 minutes. We also offer airport transfers to the centre and other cities like Dahab, Nabq Bay and Om El Seid Hill.

No matter if you are travelling alone or in a group, we have different types of vehicles to meet your needs. So if you want to save time and avoid the hassle of finding public transport, our professional airport transfer is the best alternative. You can easily book your transfer online on our website or our app.

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