i6 Enchanting Spots to Visit in Milan

With its ancient architecture and lovely streets, Milan had always been one of the dream destinations for many individuals. From churches to galleries, you would be able to embrace both nature and culture in this beautiful country.

If you are going to take a trip to Milan, here are six locations that you should explore with Milan airport transfer.

Brera District

Are you interested in living like a native? While this charming destination has hints of Bohemian architecture, you would be impressed to know that various academies, restaurants, and institutions are lined up in its street.

n this district, you have a lot of activities to enjoy. From dining in a restaurant to exploring the cobbled pathways, you will enjoy your visit in Brera District.

Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

For people who want a mix of culture and shopping, this Grand Gallery is the spot that you should visit on your tour. With its excellent exterior and interior architecture, you would love the sights and the sceneries. When you enter this destination, numerous shops will welcome you. If you are a fan of luxury products, you can get bargains from authentic stores of Luis Vuitton, Versace among others.

Naviglio Grande

If you want to know more about the culture and lifestyle of Milan, you can consider visiting Naviglio Grande. As one of the main canals, you would be able to walk through different streets in the city centre. From shops to restaurants, you can visit both old and new buildings while you stroll here.

If you are feeling sociable, you can opt to interact with the locals that you would encounter while you wander around this place.

Parco Sempione

One of the most distinctive features of this spot is its famed arch of peace. With its significant location that is filled with gardens and famous sculptures, you will feel like you are visiting a dome of a Roman God.

You can enjoy peace and serenity with its gorgeous landscapes. If you want to explore, you can also visit the museum and the large watchtower. From knowing more about the culture to getting a panoramic view, these two destinations can add more flavour to your trip.

Piazza dei Mercanti

While this spot is not the current centre of Milan, it used to be one. As one of the most populated areas in the Middle Ages, this place used to accommodate merchants and markets as a central hub. When you are in Piazza dei Mercanti, you would be able to visit several tourist destinations within walking distance. This place also has its famous architectures. From the Palazzo della Ragione to the Loggia degli Osii, you would be able to visit cultural sites.

If you want to experience Ancient Milan, this is the location that you should visit.

Piazza del Duomo

When you visit Milan, one of the most recommended locations to visit is this central Piazza. With its substantial open space, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of both locals and tourists. With dozens of architectures and sculptures, this fantastic location can show you the beauty of this city.

With great statues and famed paintings in numerous locations, you can increase your knowledge of Milan’s culture. There are also new stops in this centre that you can visit by taking Milan airport transfer. If you are feeling hungry or want a cup of coffee, you can get to the nearby shops and restaurants.

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