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City Airport Taxis offers airport transfers from the airport to the capital city, Skopje and the pearl of North Macedonia, Ohrid. We offer reliable and stress-free transfers in clean and comfortable vehicles. You can book your airport taxi on our website or our free app.

The Republic of North Macedonia is a state in Europe in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a small country with unique settings created by nature, where you can find stunning lakes and many cultural monuments. The country’s population is over 2 million, and it shares its borders with Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Kosovo.


Macedonia is home to several archaeological sites and precious fresco paintings dating back from the Ottoman Period. Summer is the season when the country comes to life with its numerous festivals and performances that take place in Skopje, Ohrid and Bitola.


There are two official languages in North Macedonia, Macedonian and Albanian. The national currency is the Macedonian Denar. The public transport in the country includes a railway network, many bus companies that cover the whole territory, two international airports and taxis. Macedonia is among the countries that has right-hand traffic, like most of the European countries.

Skopje is the capital city of North Macedonia, and with over 500.000 inhabitants, it is the most populous. This city is the most developed in the country, and it is the main cultural, political and economic centre in Macedonia. Skopje is home to many cultural monuments like The Fortress (Kale), The Stone Bridge, The mosque of Mustafa Pasha and The Old Bazaar.

The Canyon Matka is another famous location that is 15 km southwest of Skopje. At Matka, you will find ten caves, and many endemic and relic species of plants and animals. The public transport in the city consists of 80 bus lines that are operated by three companies. There are many taxi companies which offer friendly and affordable service.

The city of Ohrid is Macedonia’s hidden gem, and with Lake Ohrid, it is the only city in the country protected by UNESCO. Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest lakes in the world, dating as early as 2 to 3 million years back. Also, with a depth of 289 meters, it is the deepest on the Balkan Peninsula. Some of the best locations that tourists like to visit are Samoil Fortress, St. Sofia and the Monastery of St. Nahum.


Skopje International Airport is the bigger one of the two international airports in the country. It serves the city of Skopje and has over 2 million passengers a year. The airport has one terminal that offers free wi-fi, lounges, duty-free shops, a bank, ATMs, postal service, restaurants, cafes, VIP and CIP services. Some of the airlines that operate in the airport are Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Croatia Airlines and Edelweiss Air. Once you land, you can get to the city centre with our airport transfer and also by bus or airport taxis.

Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport is the second international airport in the country. It is an alternative to the one in Skopje and can handle over 400.000 passengers a year. There is only one terminal that provides one restaurant, a VIP lounge and a duty-free shop. You can get to the city by airport taxis, or you can book an airport transfer with our service.

We offer door-to-door transfers with a meet and greet at the arrivals hall, free updates and free cancellation. If you choose our service you'll get a pleasant ride to any location in North Macedonia.

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