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Our top-rated service provides comfortable transfers from all major airports in Israel. In our offer, we include direct airport taxi transfer fully customised according to your needs, low prices and high availability.

Israel is a country in Western Asia, with a population of 8 million people. The country is known for its religious and historical sites, beach resorts and museums. Their national currency is Israeli New Shekel, and the official language is Hebrew. The public transportation in the country includes an expanding railway network, bus services and taxis. Israel is among the countries that have right-hand traffic.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and has a population of over 900.000 people. It is considered to be the main religious centre of the three major Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The city has 158 churches, 1204 synagogues and 73 mosques.

Some of the most popular attractions are the Old City, the Western Wall, the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre and the Islamic Shrine, Dome of The Rock. The public transport in Jerusalem includes a bus system, high-speed rail lines, railway network and many taxi companies. 

Ben Gurion Airport is the main airport that serves both Tel Aviv metropolitan area and Jerusalem. Named after the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, it is one of the busiest and among the five best in the Middle East. The facilities at the terminals include lost and found offices, duty-free shop where you can buy alcohol and tobacco, coffee shops, restaurants and a library. Some of the airlines that offer their services are Israir Airlines, El Al, Sun D'Or, Arkia and Wizz Air.

If you want to get to the city centre, you can access it by multiple transit options that include trains, buses, light rail and airport taxis. You can also reach Jerusalem if you choose our private airport transfer, which can be booked in advance on our website. We provide our customers with airport transfers to the city centre and other popular locations like Ashdod, Beer Sheva and Nazareth.

Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in Israel, with a population of 440.000 people. It is a beautiful city with a vibrant nightlife, buzzing cultural scene, impressive architecture, and many beaches. There you can also find amazing street food and perfect spots to relax and hang out.

The main attractions in Tel Aviv are the Carmel Market where you will find local foods and goods, Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the stunning Yarkon Park. The city public transport includes a railway network, bus services and taxis. Also, there is a light rail system that is currently under construction and will open in 2020.

Eilat is a famous Israeli port and resort town, located on the Red Sea, near the river Jordan. The city is well-known for its coral beaches where you can experience close-up views of the marine and coral life. Some of the most famous attractions in the town are the Dolphin Reef, where you can swim with dolphins, the Underwater Observatory Park and Timna Park.

Ramon Airport serves the city of Eilat. The airport opened for civilian traffic in January 2019 and has one main terminal that handles domestic and international flights. At the terminal, you will find facilities like duty-free shops, bars and cafes. You can get to the city by shuttle buses and airport taxis.

Our service offers transfers to the city centre from Ramon Airport and Ovda Airport. We also provide airport transfers to other destinations like Bat Yam, Ein Bokek, Haifa and Herzliya. Avoid the hassle and stress of finding public transport and enjoy the ride in our private vehicles with professional English-speaking drivers.

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