How to turn airport layover into fun

How to survive long airport layover

Expect the unexpected and turn it into a memorable experience. Being stuck at the airport due to flight delay or weather conditions makes you want to scream sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Anger won’t do any good to you, so why not turn your long layover into a productive part of your trip.

Sometimes layover can mean extra time which you can use to finish some of your work or visit interesting places. If you have few extra hours in London wouldn’t you like to take a small tour around the city? Or if you prefer not to leave the airport, there are numerous way to entertain yourself during your layover. Read the following tips how to survive your next airport layover.

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Paris unique travel experiences

Paris Eiffel Tower overview

„Paris is always a good idea“ – once said, Audrey Hepburn. We thought is a good idea, too, to continue our journey with the Local driver’s guide series and visit Paris. Hiding in the shadows of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, there are many intriguing and mysterious spots, waiting to be explored. Many of them are hidden just around the corner but are off the tourists’ trail, so unless you have a good local guide, there will go unnoticed.

François is our local taxi driver in Paris who will take you from the airport to the required destination and suggest you few places to visit during your stay. These hidden gems of Paris will show you a different dimension of the „city of light“.

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Barcelona visit in a unique way

Local taxi driver's guide to Barcelona Parc del Laberint d'Horta

Barcelona is a city with an exquisite charm, tremendous culture, famous architecture and impeccable cuisine. When you visit Barcelona, probably the first things you would like to see are Gaudi’s buildings, Pablo Picasso’s works and of course, the Camp Nou stadium. If you wander around the streets of Barcelona, you may find interesting spots away from the tourist noise.

We started our series of posts „Local taxi driver’s guide“ with the little-known sites of Rome and now, we’re going to visit Barcelona. So, if you have more time and wish to explore beyond the famous tourist attractions, our local taxi driver Alvaro will take you on a special tour.
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Explore the little-known sites of Rome

Local taxi driver's guide Rome Gianicolo-

A city with a long history, like Rome, with so many famous spots to be visited, it’s not easy to discover it as a tourist. The best way to feel the pulse of the city and experience it at full is to find those niche places where you can experience the local culture.
If you’re an explorer who wants to sit in a taxi and head into adventure, we have a few local places suggested by one of our local taxi drivers, Roberto. He shared with us a few of his favourite spots which show both the modern and ancient spirit of Rome.

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