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How to Get from Barcelona Airport to Lloret de Mar


Lloret de Mar is one of the busiest tourist destinations on Costa Brava. It offers a full-package holiday, from sandy beaches and beautiful coves to endless entertainment events. It’s the perfect holiday destination for families with kids, as well as, for young people. The main point for arrival is Barcelona Airport and it’s important to plan the airport transfer to your hotel. In this guide, you will learn the different ways to travel from Barcelona Airport to Lloret de Mar.

Paris Shopping Tour for Fashionistas, Art Lovers and Budget-Savvy Shoppers


Shopping in Paris has a long history that dates back to the 19th century when the first department stores opened. Today, the picture has changed, and shopping in Paris is even more grandiose. It includes a brilliant mix of departments store, haute-couture designer shops and flea markets. It’s always good to arrive prepared, so we created this Paris shopping tour that will satisfy the needs of every shopper.

Top 3 Barcelona Shore Excursions


There’s no doubt that Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. Millions of tourists come to Barcelona each year to explore the unknown treasures all around Catalonia. Many cruise ships dock at the Barcelona Cruise Port and the passengers use the day to relax outside. We made a list of the most popular Barcelona shore excursions everyone should take.

3 Brussels Essentials


Belgium is a small charming country often overlooked because of its neighbors. It isn’t surprising since Belgium is between Germany and France. Even so, there are those who enjoy doing what others don’t and decide to give Belgium a visit. Being the capital, Brussels is on of the most popular destinations. As a matter of fact, there are tons of things you can visit and try in Belgium despite being constantly labeled as boring. You don’t always have to visit all the sites. Sometimes less is more, meaning you can just visit the most iconic symbols and learn many things about the country. You can also just go on a culinary adventure if you want to get a taste of typical European culture and food. There are many things to do in Brussels, but we’ll just cover a few of the essentials.

See Rome in a Day? Challenge Accepted!


There are many cities you can explore in a day, but Rome is not one of them. We are talking about a city that is more than two millennia old and every century has left its mark. However, if you have a long layover at the airport or you’re in Rome just for a day, why not use the opportunity to explore the “eternal city”.

It’s not an easy task to make a one-day itinerary, which includes the main attractions in Rome. Before making the plan, ask yourself: “What do I expect to see in Rome?”. Make a list of the attractions you want to visit and don’t forget to include lunch in a traditional Italian restaurant. This list will help you later when you make the schedule.

Experiencing Barcelona like a Local


Travelling is a huge decision for anyone who has caught the wanderlust. The cost combined with the necessary planning make going anywhere on a whim nearly impossible. This is why it’s so surprising that so many people overlook their transportation needs once they arrive at their destination. Many travelers assume that public transportation will suffice, and that they’ll be able to get around easily. This generally proves far from the reality. Public transportation systems are often widespread and very confusing. This becomes even more of an issue when there’s a language barrier and no real planning beforehand. Missing a train or a bus can have disastrous results when a person isn’t sure when to catch the next one, or when there are deadlines to keep. Even the best planned public transit routes can be completely thrown off if there’s something running late or if they’ve modified the route in any way. Keeping to an itinerary or to a tourist plan can be almost impossible without a more personal way to get around.

The Must-See Streets of Milan


The city of Milan has always been synonymous with high fashion and famous designers. It’s no surprise that it draws people from all over the world in a steady stream of tourism and professional interest. What makes this city so unique is the way that it holds on to its old-world charm while staying at the centre of new and innovative design ideas. Travelling to Milan is no small feat. It takes a great deal of forethought and careful planning. Regardless of the reason for visiting the city, you’ll need to make travel arrangements on several levels. If you’re coming from overseas or from thousands of miles away—then the first step is choosing transportation to and from the airport. A busy airport terminal is a nightmare for people who don’t know their way around, and may be facing a bit of a time crunch.

Five Fascinating Places to Visit in Salzburg, Austria


Salzburg, Austria is one of the most gorgeous cities on Europe. It is admired for its breathtaking architecture as well as its natural environments that are perfectly preserved. It is also the city where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived and grew up. If you are soon going to be on your way to Salzburg, or have no idea where to plan your next vacation, here are some places in Salzburg that you should look forward to visit.

i6 Enchanting Spots to Visit in Milan


With its ancient architecture and lovely streets, Milan had always been one of the dream destinations for many individuals. From churches to galleries, you would be able to embrace both nature and culture in this beautiful country.

If you are going to take a trip to Milan, here are six locations that you should explore with Milan airport transfer.

Creating a Custom London Tour


The iconic city of London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s also an area that has more to offer than many other historical areas. This is a city that’s been growing since the first century AD, and still has remnants of its origins in the form or historic architecture and artifacts. Regardless of where you travel in London, there’s something worth experiencing. It’s because of this that so many people make a point of regularly travelling to the city. There’s so much to see and do that it can be difficult to know where to start. Many people defer to travel agencies or ready-made tours. These generally cover the better-known parts of the city, but often leave out the more domestic side of it, the side that isn’t necessarily on the schedule for the more commercialized tour itineraries. The best way to experience everything in London is to carefully research all the areas that you might be interested in, and then to design your own tour of the city.

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