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7 Travel apps for super easy trip


Smartphones have become our best buddies and we simply can’t leave our home without them. What makes them “smart” are the millions of apps available in the app stores and are ready to answer literally any of your questions. Especially, when it comes to planning a trip, thousands of questions arise and there are so many decisions to be made. One way to make your planning easier and relaxed is to equip yourself with travel apps.

You will be amazed by how innovative and smart travel apps are out there on the market, which will solve the problems you didn’t even realise you had them. We handpicked 7 cool travel apps to make your trip easier to organise and with fewer headaches while visiting your dream destination.

Barcelona visit in a unique way

Barcelona is a city with an exquisite charm, tremendous culture, famous architecture and impeccable cuisine. When you visit Barcelona, probably the first things you would like to see are Gaudi’s buildings, Pablo Picasso’s works and of course, the Camp Nou stadium. If you wander around the streets of Barcelona, you may find interesting spots away from the tourist noise.

We started our series of posts „Local taxi driver’s guide“ with the little-known sites of Rome and now, we’re going to visit Barcelona. So, if you have more time and wish to explore beyond the famous tourist attractions, our local taxi driver Alvaro will take you on a special tour.

Airport transfer dilemma: private or shared

Planning a trip, whether it is for business or pleasure, can be a challenging task. If you finished with booking your flight and hotel, you have one more decision left: airport transfer. It’s a time sensitive issue which involves coordinating your flight timetable with your airport transfer service provider. It may bring you a lot of headaches, but with proper planning and choosing the right airport transfer type and provider, you may reduce that stress to a minimum.

How to pack for an airline travel like a pro


When you pack for an airline travel, the usual headache is how to fit everything in a suitcase without having to sit on it to zip it. The worst case scenario that can happen to you is to end up re-packing at the last minute while the airport taxi is waiting for you to take you to Heathrow in London or Fiumicino in Rome.

It looks like a mission impossible, but with a good strategy and great planning skills, the end result will be more than satisfactory. The most important thing to remember is that you’ll be away only for a few days/weeks and you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe with you.

Explore the little-known sites of Rome

A city with a long history, like Rome, with so many famous spots to be visited, it’s not easy to discover it as a tourist. The best way to feel the pulse of the city and experience it at full is to find those niche places where you can experience the local culture.
If you’re an explorer who wants to sit in a taxi and head into adventure, we have a few local places suggested by one of our local taxi drivers, Roberto. He shared with us a few of his favourite spots which show both the modern and ancient spirit of Rome.

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