[Infographic] 7 Fun Facts About Amsterdam You Didn’t Know

Private Amsterdam taxi fun facts infographic

Amsterdam is famous for its unique cosy and laid-back lifestyle. Over the centuries, it has proved itself as an important art and cultural centre, while it continues to grow and reinvent itself in the modern days. It is often called “the northern Venice” as it has many similarities with this Italian city. Mainly, because both cities were merchant centres in the past and they are both built on many, small islands with a vast network of canals. However, Amsterdam’s architecture differs significantly from Venice and is characterized by the narrow houses built on the banks of the canals. Behind the specific type of construction, there are several interesting facts you probably didn’t know and we will show you in this infographic.

Arriving in Amsterdam is easy, as the Amsterdam Schiphol airport serves flight from any part of the world. You can use public transport or book a private Amsterdam taxi to your destination. Once you get into the city, you will notice that almost everyone rides the bicycle and it is the main transportation mean used by the Amsterdam residents. You probably wonder how many bicycles are there in Amsterdam. Well, a lot. You will be surprised by the numbers, as there are more bicycles than people in inner Amsterdam. They are available to rent, so unless you want to go sightseeing with private Amsterdam taxi, this is the second best option.

Amsterdam really knows how to take care of its tourists. The numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes are perfect for relaxing while the nightclubs are there to break the boundaries. The Netherlands is the largest exporter of beer in the world, so you need to try the original taste of the famous Dutch beer. Basically, whether you’re looking for a place to grab a coffee or try some substances which are probably illegal in your country, Amsterdam’s got it all.

Amsterdam is full of surprises, so we prepared 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know, but will make even more eager to visit this city.

Infographic Amsterdam fun facts

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