How to Survive an Airport Layover

Airplane taking off

After checking out how to survive an airport layover, head over to this article to perfect the next step of the journey and find out why it’s best to book airport taxis online!

Whether your flight was delayed or you decided to purchase the cheaper ticket with the longer layover, being stuck at an airport is not always ideal. However, today surviving an airport layover is not too bad. Here are a few tips on how to not only survive that pesky airport layover but enjoy it.

Check out a local restaurant

Airport restaurant

We aren’t talking about the Burger King at the airport; we’re talking about getting away for an hour or so and checking out the local cuisines. You may think that tracking down a cab outside of the airport is easy as they are everywhere, but there are usually people fighting to the death for that backseat ride. This is why apps such as Uber and Lyft are perfect for you. By downloading, you can find someone who is available and near to pick you up.

The best part? Being able to ask them which local restaurants are perfect. As they are residents, not only will you get a cheap cab ride, but you’ll be able to have an upper hand on where to go. If your driver doesn’t have a great suggestion, you can always download apps such as “AroundMe” that will tell you the best restaurants near you by using the GPS on your phone. You can even check out ratings and reviews on the app! Just be sure to not wander too far from the airport.

Human Bingo and other games

“People watching” is best played at a mall or even better, an airport. There are at least a hundred walks of life at any given airport, so you can expect to be amused for hours. This will all come in handy for you during a game of people watching bingo. Make a list beforehand on bingo cards for what to watch out for at the airport such as “someone running to catch a flight” or “someone asleep in an awkward location.” But don’t tell your partner, you could give them the winning look! Whoever loses the round of bingo will have to pay for drinks on the flight, the Uber ride or admission into the lounge for some relaxation.

Location for relaxation

As mentioned in our previous tip, airport lounges exist. Some people may be wondering what one is; others are frequent flyers to these lounges. When you go into an airport lounge, you’re able to grab a bed to sleep, snag a shower, or grab a few drinks to ease off the pre-flight anxiety. We know aeroplanes can be terrifying, so you just have to find ways to work around it.

Airport lounges are the perfect spots to layback, grab your drink of choice, and watch a movie on your laptop. Come prepared for your airport layover by either pre-downloading a movie or using a VPN to access movie streaming sites. Even if the airport has free Wi-Fi access certain websites may not accessible depending on your location. So if you were planning on torrenting a film, or watching some Netflix, it may be a wise choice to find a VPN to use before your journey.

Working out

Airport terminal

There are plenty of empty terminals in airports and vacant waiting areas. This is best used for either sleeping (when you don’t want to pay an airport lounge fee) or working out. When you work out, you can easily do yoga, Pilates or cardio, or you can use the vast airport to get in some mileage. Using the back of the empty chairs is great for squats and building the muscles in your legs, calves and thighs.

Some airport lounges also offer workout areas, such as yoga rooms. This comes in handy when you’re on vacation and still want to look great, but want to work off that food baby from the restaurant you just came from. Never miss a day of working out when you can utilize the area to create a makeshift workout studio.


Airport layovers definitely don’t have to be a drag. You can relax, have fun or simply explore the area. Staying productive during your layover may help you sleep on the long flight to your next destination. Utilizing these tips will help you stay active and have stories to tell when you get off the plane or stories for your digital scrapbook.

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