Experiencing Tenerife by Taxi

Tours generally bring up visions of buses, or walking through crowded areas following a guide with a microphone or umbrella. This is the type of impersonal experience that many people expect when visiting a foreign destination. They often believe that the only way to get up close and personal with a historic city is to make their way through it on their own. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. One service that’s often overlooked by travelers is the taxi. A taxi service is completely capable of doing more than just providing you with airport and generic transportation. There are services that are designed to go a step further than that.

These taxi services are generally part of a larger entity that works to organize and provide services all over the world. They use drivers that are familiar with the area and the international traffic laws. This means that clientele rarely have to worry about arriving at their destination on time.

Booking a taxi service far in advance can usually be done online, or over the phone. This allows a patron to set up their entire itinerary, and know that they’ll have transportation provided for each and every part of it.

When planning a flight, they can also make sure that a taxi will be waiting on them. This can be a huge relief for anyone who’s ever had to try and find public transportation from the airport.

Among their less recognized services, taxis can also provide you with fantastic tours. Who better to understand the most meticulous details of a city than someone who’s driven practically every inch of it. One of the best islands to seek services in in the beautiful area of Tenerife. There are airport transfers in Tenerife South that can take you to a corresponding airport in an effort to hasten your travel- or plan to stay awhile and to experience some of these unique taxi tour opportunities:

El Teide

This is Tenerife’s gentle giant. Imagine taking a driving tour of one of the world’s most beautiful volcanic spots. This is an inactive volcano that provides a gorgeous landscape, and makes up a portion of the world heritage site. This is a national park that can be intimately explored using a taxi service that specializes in local tours. There are several smaller spots that you may miss if your try to explore it on your own.

La Orotava

This is a small town with a big reputation! La Orotava is easy to miss when you aren’t sure of its exact location. This is one of many small settlements that still populate the island. On the way down from El Teide you’ll run across this charming little town. It’s well-known for artisanal products and an eclectic feel.


Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Tenerife, Masca is also incredibly difficult to get to. It’s not recommended that anyone attempt to drive into this town without the help of an experienced guide. The roads into the gorge are extremely steep, and they can be very dangerous when not navigated properly. This town is compared to a step back in time, and an opportunity to reconnect with historical peoples and places.

Coastal Villages

Tenerife is famous for its coastal amenities. There are roadways all the way around the island, giving one a fantastic opportunity to experience beaches and volcanic pools of all shapes and sizes. Using a taxi service can give you important insight into the best places to visit, and where to stop on your journey around the island. There are so many smaller destinations off the beaten path that are absolutely incredible.

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