Davos: Winter sports metropolis with best nightlife on the Alps

Davos Ski resort in Switzerland

Davos is a Swiss town with an international flavour and the highest town in the Alps at 1560 metres altitude. Though it may lack the genuine alpine beauty, the true fans of winter sports will be captivated by the ski areas and what they have to offer. This ski metropolis offers different slopes at an altitude up to 2844 metres and is pretty exciting for advanced and expert skiers and snowboarders.

In the past Davos was known as a health resort due to the fresh air with healing powers. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was instantly drawn into winter sports in Davos while his wife was having treatment for tuberculosis, and he popularized this town as a ski destination. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, one of the greatest German artists, came to Davos to seek treatment and stayed there until his death. The beautiful mountain scenery was an inspiration for many of his works and can be found in the Kirchner Museum in Davos.

The town consists of two parts: Davos Platz and Davos Dorf. The Platz is the place where most of the hotels and shops are located, while the Dorf is the main access point to the slopes. They are connected with efficient ski bus service so it’s fairly easy to get from one part to another. However, if you plan to spend your winter holiday here, better check your account balance and prepare a slightly higher budget than usual.

If you plan to arrive by plane, Zurich airport is only two hours away by car and you can book an online private airport transfer to Davos. There are regular bus and train lines, so you can use these transport options as well.

Winter sports in Davos

Snowboarding in Davos

Davos is one of the largest ski resorts in Switzerland with access to 320 km of downhill skiing with pistes high above 2500 metres. The ski areas of the nearby village of Klosters are connected to Davos by ski lifts as well. The ski area consisting of 110 pistes is divided into five areas, which can be reached by cable cars or funiculars.

Parsen is the most extensive ski area in Davos and most popular among skiers. It is connected via ski lift to the neighbouring resort Klosters, the favourite ski destination of the British Royal family. Jakobshorn is just behind Davos Platz and popular among snowboarders. The famous Bolgenschanze snowboarding hotel is located there. Rinerhorn and Pischa are mainly deserted in the middle of the week, so they are a great destination to escape the crowd. Rinerhorn has some great descents and is a perfect area for skiing when the weather is bad because of the trees. The re-opened Schaltzalp is easily accessible from the centre of Davos Platz via the funicular and provides access to rather easy pistes. It’s excellent for skiers who prefer nice and easy winter sports.

Kirchner Museum

Kirchner museum in Davos

Kirchner museum in Davos

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was a German artist whose extensive work is considered to be one of the best achievements in German Expressionism. He spent the last 20 years of his life in Davos living in a farmhouse and portraying the beautiful mountain scenery of the Alps. His comprehensive work is displayed in the museum opened in 1992. The building was designed by the Swiss architects Mike Guyer and Annette Gigon and is highly recognized in the international architectural sphere with its simple and logical form.

Apart from the great works of Kirchner, the museum hosts contemporary exhibitions of the classic Modern period as well as current contemporary artists. The Kirchner museum is opened during the whole year from Tuesday to Sunday.

BierVision Monstein

BierVision Monstein, Davos

BierVision Monstein, Davos

In the nearby village of Monstein, the highest brewery in Europe can be found. BierVision Monstein was founded in 2001 and is placed in a 100 years old building which used to be a dairy. Since the brewery is located on high altitude, the process of making the beer requires working with pressurized equipment and a special yeast which is able to fermentate at over 1600 meters. There are organized tours where you can learn more about the production process and the highlight is a beer tasting in different stages of fermentation. Apart from beer, this brewery also produces whiskey, schnapps and cheese.

Nightlife in Davos

The Pöstli Club

The Pöstli Club, Davos

Davos is one of the best places for nightlife on the Alps where the parties start in the afternoon and last till early in the morning. This town features over 40 bars and clubs making it one of the best party spots. When the sun comes down, the Bolgen Plaza turns into a party zone. Nearby is the famous Bolgenschanze, the first snowboard hotel in Europe. The bar inside the hotel is one of the trendiest bars in Davos, renowned internationally, which hosts many international DJs and freestyle lifestyle is its trademark.

The ultimate posh spot in Davos and the synonym of “all night” party is The Pöstli Club. Here you will find the local partying along with the holidaymakers, while celebrities are regular visitors as well. You should leave your ski wear and dress smartly as this is one of the main criteria for entrance.

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