Experiencing Barcelona like a Local

Travelling is a huge decision for anyone who has caught the wanderlust. The cost combined with the necessary planning make going anywhere on a whim nearly impossible. This is why it’s so surprising that so many people overlook their transportation needs once they arrive at their destination. Many travelers assume that public transportation will suffice, and that they’ll be able to get around easily. This generally proves far from the reality. Public transportation systems are often widespread and very confusing. This becomes even more of an issue when there’s a language barrier and no real planning beforehand. Missing a train or a bus can have disastrous results when a person isn’t sure when to catch the next one, or when there are deadlines to keep. Even the best planned public transit routes can be completely thrown off if there’s something running late or if they’ve modified the route in any way. Keeping to an itinerary or to a tourist plan can be almost impossible without a more personal way to get around.
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A Driving Tour Through Italy

Travel by taxi is unarguably the best way to experience the beauty and diversity of Italy. Walking tours can be entertaining, but they rarely encompass the breadth of this entire historic area. Trying to use public transportation can also pose a myriad of different problems. It’s often on a shifting schedule, and can cause delays when you have specific plans in the area. Public transportation can also be hugely confusing if you’re not accustomed to the area. Not being familiar with the language can make things twice as difficult. This can make it difficult to decipher where and when the public transportation will be available. Choosing a professional taxi service creates a level of convenience that is unparalleled in many ways. Continue reading

Infographic: 6 Qualities to Consider in a Taxi Service!

More and more people are turning towards public transports for their daily transportation needs. This is the reason why there has been a hike in the number of taxi service providers lately. But this also arises major questions like “Which taxi services to choose?” and “How to choose?” The following infographic provides answers to all these types of questions.

First of all, always start by checking the reputation of the company. If many have had good experiences, there are chances that you also will. Safety is another major point you should focus on.
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9 Main Attractions You Need to Visit in Helsinki

The number of tourists visiting Helsinki is on the rise. Recent statistics reveal the number of foreign visitors has increased by 45% in the new millennium.

Helsinki is the main entry point of most people visiting Finland. It is where most of the sightseers will get to see some of the nation’s finest restaurants, art galleries, museums and shopping. During your stay in Helsinki, you can spend your time exploring the city while enjoying the cultural attractions. Here are nine main attractions you must see during your tour in Helsinki. Continue reading

How to search for a good taxi service

How to search for a good taxi service

Booking a taxi for your destination can be a tiresome work if you you are doing it for the first time. Few tips in mind can always ease this task. Safety being the first priority, it is always advisable go for a reputed firm which provides authorized and licensed drivers. Price comparison is quintessential before booking taxis as sometime huge discounts are available for the same ride. Read customer reviews, ratings and ask your friends and family if you want. An easy ‘online booking system’ is a must so that you can book a ride at anytime of the day. The fleet of vehicles provided should be clean, safe, comfortable and must have a GPS system to keep track of the vehicles and also helps in the time of emergencies. Don’t blindly go for any taxi service you find on the internet. Do all the digging required and trust your intuitions. Continue reading

Manchester Airport: Tips on available Transport Options

When you land at Manchester’s airport, you’ll need to find a way into the city. Unlike some other cities, that is a relatively simple proposition in Manchester. Manchester airport transport options are both numerous and convenient. The airport is active twenty-four hours a day. You can get to and from it at any time via a number of different options.

Deciding on which way to get from the airport to your destination requires consideration of different factors. Finding the best option to get from Manchester Airport can be a daunting task is you are not prepared.
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Book A Taxi Online for Your Next Trip to Dublin

Travelling to Ireland can be a fun vacation or it can be a productive business trip. There are many things to consider when travelling for any reason. This includes airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and if you are going to Dublin, Ireland, you’ll need to take a Dublin airport taxi. With plenty of pre-planning, your trip will be more successful than if you start your vacation and just hope for the best. Make reservations for a place to stay, transportation, and any tickets to fun events that you are interested in seeing before you ever leave home.

Book your travel plans as far in advance as you possibly can. This will save time and money for your trip. This is especially important if you are travelling with children. Plan to take a Dublin airport taxi that is licensed and insured. The professional driver will know and obey the local traffic laws as they safely transport you from the airport to your hotel or wherever you need to go. The taxi will be comfortable to sit in and will be climate controlled. Most importantly, it will be ready and waiting for you to arrive. Continue reading

Top 5 Places in the Costa del Sol Recommended by a Local Malaga Taxi Driver

Top 5 Amazing Places in the Costa del Sol Recommended by a Local Malaga Taxi Driver

From fabulous sandy beaches to top-notch golf courses, Costa del Sol is one of Spain’s most popular destinations. Here you will discover the true Andalusian charm and great food, while the cultural and historical heritage will assure you have a great time unveiling the secrets of this region. We asked our local Malaga airport taxi driver Carlos to give us insight and tips on the top places to visit. He shared with us the hottest destinations this summer and how to get there.

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Milan’s top 5 well-kept secrets

Milan taxi driver guide

Milan is Italy’s financial powerhouse and the world’s capital of fashion. The first impression is that Milan is all about conducting business and making money, but you will be surprised by the city’s ability to surprise you with its striving cultural scene and historical heritage. Just between the skyscrapers and the grey buildings, there are many hidden gems which will change your perception about Milan forever. There’s nothing better than advice from a local expert, so we asked Giorgio, a taxi driver from our Milan taxi office to reveal some of the city’s best-kept secrets.

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Brussels hidden gems around the corner

Local taxi driver's guide to Brussels

In recent years, Brussels is becoming one of the most wanted tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the heart of Europe and the home of the European Union, this city is far more than just glass-and-steel EU institutions and dull bureaucracy. Today Brussels is a modern metropolis, with a superb cultural scene and well-preserved architecture from the 17th century, trendy restaurants and bars, and of course, the sweetest delicacy: Belgian chocolate.

Apart from the usual, busy tourist spots in Brussels, we encourage you to explore the city and its hidden gems. We asked our local taxi driver, Roland, from our Brussels airport transfer provider to guide us on a unique, custom-made tour around Brussels. You will be surprised at what is hidden in the streets of Brussels and what this city has to offer.

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