10 Dinner ideas that will blow your mind

When it comes to choosing a dinner restaurant while you’re on vacation, it usually involves reading recommendations online or asking the locals. Every place has its own famous food spots which are the obvious choice for tourists. So you’ll probably choose the best restaurant for pasta in Italy or the best French cuisine place in Paris according to your sources.

If you like out-of-the-ordinary experience and you’re on the lookout for a dining adventure, there are many places with a unique setting which will blow your mind. We’ve explored some of the most unusual restaurants in Europe and here is our choice of the top 10.

1. Dinner up in the sky, Belgium

Put aside your fear of heights and enjoy your meal 50 metres above the ground. With your feet dangling in the sky and an incredible view over Brussels, this will be one of your most memorable dining experiences. Did we mention the heavenly food? Yes, the world-class chefs prepare it in front of you up in the sky and you’ll have the opportunity to sneak peek into the art of making the food.

Dining in the sky Belgium

Dining in the sky, Belgium

2. Volcano grilled food in El Diablo, Spain

Food grilled on barbecue has the special taste we all love. Now imagine how cool is a barbeque on top of a live volcano. This uniquely prepared food with smoky flavour is available in El Diablo, a restaurant in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Besides the delicious food, the restaurant features an amazing view of the Martian-like landscape of the Fire Mountains. At the beginning of the 18th century, more than 100 volcanoes erupted in this area and most of the landscape has kept its authentic look.

El Diablo volcano barbecue

El Diablo volcano barbecue in Lanzarote, Spain

3. Dinner on the stage at the Hungarian State Opera House

Feel like a star on the stage of the Hungarian State Opera House in a unique dining setting. This experience is provided by the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace and includes private dinner for two or a classy reception for up to 400 guests. It’s definitely the most romantic place to get down on one knee and pop the question while the live orchestra is playing in the background. The dinner consists of multiple courses prepared by the culinary master Leonardo Di Clemente. Although this may cost you a small fortune, it’s a once in a lifetime experience worth every penny.

Dinner on stage at Hungarian State Opera House

Dinner on stage at Hungarian State Opera House

4. Futuristic dining at Baggers, Germany

If you are a fan of technology and futuristic experiences, then you should visit Baggers in Germany. They came up with a unique concept of full automation of the process from ordering to delivery. There are no waiters running back and forth from the tables to the kitchen and waiting time is reduced to a minimum. You order the food using touch-screen machines on your table and the food is delivered to you through the spiral conveyor belt. The only part which is not automated is the cooking. The delicious dishes are prepared by a human chef.

Futuristic dining at Baggers Germany

Futuristic dining at Baggers, Germany

5. Dining above Swiss Alps in Sattel, Switzerland

Enjoying your dinner between heaven and earth can be experienced in Sattel, Switzerland. The restaurant takes place in a special revolving ski gondola featuring a magnificent view over the Swiss Alps. The gondola zips 1800 from the valley to a mountaintop and back and during this journey, your dinner is served. There’s nothing better than enjoying the view of a sunset over the mountain in good company and delicious food.

Dinner in ski gondola in Sattel Switzerland

Dinner in ski gondola over Sattel, Switzerland

6. Blind dinner in Dans le Noir, London

You may not be fond of blind dates, but this restaurant takes that concept literally. Dans le Noir, a restaurant in London, takes your dining experience to a different level by serving dinner in complete darkness. To make the mystery even bigger, you can choose dinner from four secret menus and you are guided to your seat and served in the darkroom by blind waiters. Missing one sense (sight) will enhance your other senses and enjoy the food in a completely different way.

Dinner in dark at Dans Le Noir London

Dinner in dark at Dans Le Noir, London

7. Romantic setting inside a cave overlooking the sea in Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Dining in a cave with a perfect view over the Adriatic sea is one of the most romantic scenes you will experience. Located in Polignano a Mare (Bari province in Italy), this restaurant features delicious food and serenity. It is underneath the Grotta Palazzese hotel and opened only during summer season. It’s a perfect place to enjoy summer nights with good wine and food, feeling the warm breeze on your face with the sound of the waves lapping the shores beneath the restaurant.

Restaurant in a cave Grotta Palazzese Italy

Restaurant in a cave, Grotta Palazzese, Italy

8. Cool dinner adventure at -5 degrees Celsius in Kemi, Finland

If winter is your favourite time of the year and you just love being out on the snow, then the Snow Restaurant in Kemi, Finland is your next destination. The restaurant is part of a castle which features a hotel as well, and is rebuilt every year in January and opened till April. The food is served on -5 degrees Celsius, so be prepared for the fastest meal you’ve had, since the food will get cold fast. If you decide to visit the Snow Restaurant, you need to make a reservation in advance.

Snow-Restaurant in Kemi, Finland

Snow-Restaurant in Kemi, Finland

Snow-Restaurant in Kemi, Finland

9. Historic dining at Ristorante Da Pancrazio, Italy

Ristorante Da Pancrasio takes you back in Ancient Rome with its setting and atmosphere. It is built over the ruins of The Theater of Pompey, the historic place where Julius Cesar was murdered. In the restored halls of this historic setting, you will feel like in a museum featuring one of the most significant parts of ancient Rome history. The food is excellent as well, and you can enjoy delicious Italian specialities.

Historic dining at Ristorante Da Pancrazio, Italy

Historic dining at Ristorante Da Pancrazio, Italy

10. Mystery solving in La Masia Encantada, Spain

Dinner with friends, spiced up with little mystery and magic can turn into a memorable experience. If you’re a fan of mystery novels, then you should visit the La Masia Encantada restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. Its unique concept includes interactive, 3 and a half hour dinner event during which the guests need to reverse a curse that’s been cast over the land where they sit. You’ll feel like you’re a part of a theatre crew and enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine.

Mystery solving in La Masia Encantada, Spain

Mystery solving in La Masia Encantada, Spain

We would love to hear some of your most unusual dining experiences. Let us know in the Comments section.

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